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Spreading Hope Through Charity Events

In a world often preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of daily life, the Malhotra Group stands as a shining beacon of compassion and community engagement. Through a series of inspiring charity events, this remarkable group has woven a tapestry of hope, generosity, and unity that continues to touch countless lives. Through this blog, you can see different events carried out at our venues. 

Get ready to sip with a purpose at Leila Lily’s! In a delightful gesture of generosity, every sale of our “Pretty Fly for a Green Guy” cocktail will contribute £1 to the noble cause of Newcastle West End Foodbank. As you savor the flavors of this exquisite concoction, you’re also supporting the community. It’s a sip of kindness that resonates far beyond the glass, embodying the spirit of giving back. Join us in raising a toast to compassion, one refreshing cocktail at a time, at Leila Lily’s charity donation event!

Experience a well-deserved gesture of appreciation at our establishment through our exclusive discount offer. To honor the dedication of our NHS and emergency service workers, we are delighted to extend a 20% discount on items from our delectable main menu. To benefit from this offer, kindly present your NHS badge or Blue Light card to our servers before placing your order. Join us in relishing a culinary experience that’s both gratifying and flavorsome as we express our gratitude to those who tirelessly serve our community. NHS & Blue Light Offer Click the link for more information. 

We’re supercharging our charity efforts! Our charity team threw an awesome fundraiser last month to support our chosen charity, the Newcastle West End Food Bank. And guess what? We spiced things up with a cool competition! We asked our head office crew to grab some sunflower or pumpkin seeds and grow them in their gardens – a sunny nod to the sometimes-warm weather.

Now, for the next few months, we’re all about watching these seeds sprout and blossom. When autumn rolls around, we’re going to find out who grew the biggest pumpkin and the tallest sunflower. It’s like a friendly plant-growing contest! This whole adventure combines our love for nature, teamwork, and supporting Newcastle West End Food Bank’s awesome cause. Stay tuned for updates!

National Food bank donation

A heartwarming scene unfolded as a car, brimming with goodwill, set off on a mission to Newcastle West End Food Bank. A resounding cheer goes out to our cherished friends and family, who delved into their generosity reserves and contributed an entire trunk full of essential food and toiletries. This act of kindness speaks volumes about the collective spirit of compassion and caring. Each donation, large or small, is a beacon of hope for those in greater need, reflecting the unwavering support that binds our community. Together, as the Malhotra Group, we’re making a meaningful difference.

Step into a world of giving at our sister venue’s upcoming charity event, where a simple swap takes on a significant meaning. Join us at The Runhead and exchange your tin of food for a refreshing tinnie. The twist? The tins you contribute will find their way to the Newcastle West End Food Bank, making a direct impact on those who need it most. It’s an ingenious fusion of fun and generosity, highlighting the power of community and collaboration. Let’s come together, make a difference, and raise a toast to the spirit of giving at The Runhead’s charity event!

Tins for Tinnies, donate to Newcastle Foodbank.

Through these heartfelt charity events, the Malhotra Group has demonstrated that their commitment to the community extends far beyond their business operations. Their unwavering dedication to making a positive impact serves as an inspiration to us all. As we celebrate these heartwarming gestures of compassion, we’re reminded that each small act of kindness has the potential to ripple outward, creating a wave of positive change that uplifts and strengthens the fabric of our society. Together, let’s toast to the spirit of giving and continue to spread hope, one event at a time.

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