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Antabuse is used for treating alcoholism.

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Antabuse disulfiram buy the first two times it pops up. was a very good buy since it was the highest selling drug on market at the time. The drug is available in two doses, 1mg and 5mg... the only difference is that 5mg 10x stronger at increasing your dosage will. The 1mg is more used for people who don't usually take it, such as those who have tried the 3mg but they dislike it... and then feel they need the 10x strength. Anyway, I don't personally use either. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated... i am not sure when the drug was on shelves so there aren't too many reviews that people can point to in my search. Last edited by Khaos_Jedi on Tue Apr 9, 2004 1:29 am; edited 2 times in total khaosjedi Guest Posted: Tue Apr 6, 2004 3:59 pm Post subject: I don't know why it's such a big deal though. It's cheap drug. The two main drawbacks are that it's only for an hour and it has a rather large high. Where to buy prednisone 5mg That being said there are very few users around here and I'm glad there are. jimfitzgerald Veteran Joined: May 03, 2004 Posts: 11256 Location: Florida Medals: 20 Gold MemberVeteranJoined: May 03, 2004Posts: 11256Location: FloridaMedals: 20 Posted: Tue Apr 6, 2004 4:10 pm Post subject: I'm getting ready to do the 1mg. I've been taking 3mg for about a month, thinking I might start with the 1mg so I can see how much tolerance I have there. I've had a terrible time with this drug. I had to get rid of my 3mg when I got it... it stopped working and I could still feel the effects, but after 20 or 30 minutes, it began to turn it's antabuse disulfiram buy nose up at me. I went from having a pretty good day, for about an hour (3mg) to being nauseous, a headache and even getting cold, so bad that I had to run back my place get a bath to help me out as it was that bad. I took it again just as fast where to buy antabuse pills I could (3mg) and then it just wasn't the same. I took 10 minutes to walk back my house, I was shivering and so cold... I couldn't feel anything at all and my thoughts were racing around like crazy. I was thinking "I'm going to die" and then I started to feel worse. just sat there in the bathtub with my head in it for about 30 minutes, until I started to cry, the bathtub was like an oven where my mind was. wife came over to Antabuse 500mg $82.83 - $0.92 Per pill check on me and just about killed all over again (she used to be on 3mg before but was not on it before the last dose). She finally told me I was just hallucinating and had to chill out drink some water/juice or walk back to my buy antabuse online usa house. She went check on me and got a look the same thing but this time I told her to let me know if the worst of drug had come on and it wouldn't go away. I'm doing 5 mg right at this moment and it still doesn't feel that bad... now I have a good feeling and I'm doing well. I'm starting to think this would be a good drug to try for a bit of shock/paranoia/etc. so I don't rush into things. Good luck! jimfitzgerald Veteran Joined: May 03, 2004 Posts: 11256 Location: Florida Medals: 20 Gold MemberVeteranJoined: May 03, 2004Posts: 11256Location: FloridaMedals: 20 Posted: Tue Apr 6, 2004 7:51 pm Post subject: I used to use this once, on a trip that I would take about 10 days off from. I took a small amount on the last day and felt a bit like the drug was coming on a bit and I could still hear the effects of drug. It was also hard to sleep and a bit scary. I don't feel the big rush anymore, but whole sensation of a little higher, then being bit depressed, and finally feeling a bit more, has not happened this evening. The trip was nice and didn't get me high. It took 15 minutes to walk out of my house (and was about as long to go back in) and I took the last of dose. I would think a person with strong tolerance, like me, would have very little problem at 1-5mg (for most people) and.

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